The Scotland-Russia Forum has launched a new website and competition for children

The aim of the Scotland-Russia Forum is to promote interest in Russia and its neighbours in order to improve understanding of those countries in Scotland.

A charity concert invites guests to music concert by Russian Souvenir ensemble and jazz stars

Russian Art Week in London get its start on May 29. Take part in out quiz and win a ticket to the VIP opening.

Turnover at sales hit by impact of international sanctions but it’s not all bad news, says Theodora Clarke, the event's director. 

The Russian Summer Ball was founded in 1996 by Alexander Ivanovich Suscenko and members of the Russian émigré community and friends in London

Dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in WWII

Challenging people to find a way out of locked rooms is a booming business in Europe and Russia. Now the craze is spreading.

Russian musiciants to meet their fans